Our Parish Churches are symbols of the presence of God and focal points of the Christian Faith within our two villages. All who participate in the activities of the Church seek to encourage and support our Parishioners and all those who visit our Parishes.

We are intentionally inclusive and we welcome all who come through our doors whatever their race, creed, gender or sexual orientation. We honour the ministry of women priests and look forward to the day when gender and sexual orientation will no longer be a bar to full participation in all of the historic apostolic ministries of the Church of England.

We believe that in the life of Jesus, God is experienced and encountered and that by following His ways we affirm the life of God within each person.

We celebrate the ministry of lay people and we rejoice in the many gifts that God gives us. We will use our individual and collective talents to reach out to, and to serve, others and to communicate the Christian faith to them in whatever ways are appropriate for the communities in which we live.