Palm Sunday 14th April

9:00am Eucharist at Coffinswell

Procession and Blessing of Palm Leaves

Walk from Coffinswell at 9:15 to Kingskerswell

10:00am Eucharist at Kingskerswell

Procession and Blessing of Palm Leaves

11:00am Eucharist at Abbotskerswell

Maundy Thursday 18 April

10:00am Eucharist at Coffinswell

7:00pmĀ  Eucharist at Kingskerswell

Hand washing Eucharist followed by silent watch

Good Friday 19 April

9:30am Devotional at Coffinswell

11:00am Service of the Cross at Kingskerswell

Short walk of witness, erection of the crosses and hot cross buns

2:00pm Devotional at Kingkerswell

2:00pm Devotional at Abbotskerswell

Easter Eve Saturday 20 April

8:00pm Easter Eve Liturgy at Kingskerswell

Lighting of the Easter Candle from the New Fire, followed by supper

Easter Day Sunday 21 April

9:00am Coffinswell Eucharist

10:00am Kingskerswell Eucharist

11:00am Abbotskerswell Eucharist

Christ has risen, let us celebrate!