Following statements from The Archbishops of Canterbury and York all services in the Benefice have been suspended until further notice however you can view the Order of Services here produced by our Vicar The Rev. Michael Wilkie and Readers

Sunday Service 20 September

Sunday Leaflet 20th September

Sunday Leaflet 13th September 2020

Sunday Service 13 September

Sunday Service 6 September

Sunday Leaflet 6th September 2020

Sunday Service 30 August 2020

Sunday Leaflet 30th August 2020

Sunday Leaflet 23rd August 2020

Lay lead service 23rd August

Sunday Service 23 August 2020

Sunday Leaflet 16th August

Sunday Service 16th August 2020

Sunday Leaflet 9th August

Sunday Service for August 9th

Sunday Service for August 2nd

Sunday Leaflet 2nd August

Sunday Leaflet 26th July 2020

Sunday Service for July 26th 2020 – email

Sunday Leaflet 19th July 2020

Sunday Service for July 19th 2020

Sunday Leaflet 12th July 2020

Sunday Service for July 12th 2020

Service of the word Sunday 5th July 2020

Sunday Leaflet 5th July 2020

Sunday Service for July 5th 2020

Sunday Leaflet 28th June Sunday

Service for 28th June 2020

Sunday Leaflet 21st June 2020

Sunday Service for 21st June 2020

Sunday Leaflet 13th June 2020

Sunday Service for 140620 email

Sunday Leaflet 6th June 2020

Sunday Service for Trinity 7th June 2020

Sunday Leaflet 31st May 2020

Sunday Service for 31st May 2020 Pentecost

Ascension May 2020

Sunday Leaflet 17th May 2020

Rogation Sunday Service 17th May 2020

Sunday Leaflet 10th May 2020

Sunday Service 10th May 2020

Sunday Leaflet 3rd May 2020

Sunday Service 3rd May 2020

Sunday Leaflet 26th April

Sunday Service 26th April

Sunday Leaflet 19th April

Sunday Service 19th April

Easter Day Sunday Service and Leaflet

Six Good Friday Reflections

Church Newsletter 09.04.20

Church Newsletter 02.04.20